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Benefits and Vacation Pay

Employers often publish corporate policies and benefits in a company handbook, offer letter, or employment contract.  However, the obligation to provide or pay out certain benefits, including worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, disability benefits, and vacation time, is defined by both your company and the law.

You may have the right to enforce the terms of those policies and/or labor law in the event that certain benefits — known as "wage supplements" — are not provided or paid out to you upon termination. Our firm can help you.

Mandatory Employee Benefits

Your employer is likely breaking the law if they do not offer you these mandatory benefits:

  • Worker’s compensation provides payment and medical benefits for employees who are injured due to their job, whether at work or related to work.
  • Disability benefits provide temporary compensation for illness or injury not sustained on the job.
  • Unemployment insurance provides a stipend if you are laid off.

Accrued Vacation Pay

Accrued vacation pay is an earned wage supplement.  You are entitled, under New York law, to a payout of accrued and unused vacation pay upon termination, absent unusual circumstances.  Employers are liable under the Wage Theft Prevention Act for unpaid wages if they do not pay you the rightfully-owed amount.

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