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Disability Discrimination Attorney NYCWhen searching for a professional disability discrimination attorney, NYC professionals need look no further than our legal team.  We are a respected law firm that focuses solely on employment law.  Whether you need sound advice, or a relentless advocate, we are here to help you protect your rights as a worker in the great city of New York.  If you have been treated differently and in a way that has negatively affected your employment due to a disability, you have a right to stand up for yourself.  Here at our firm, we understand that this might not always be easy, which is why we offer valuable advice and counsel to help you take action lawfully.

A Passionate Disability Discrimination Attorney NYC Workers Can Turn To

Get what you deserve by hiring a passionate disability discrimination attorney. NYC professionals with disabilities are protected under the law, and have the right to speak up without being retaliated against.  Discrimination in a working environment is often times much more hurtful than anyone realizes.  We’ve seen clients who have been discriminated against due to disabilities, and we understand how it can cut to the core of who a person feels they are.  This type of behavior is wrong, and should be dealt with accordingly.  With the guidance and advocacy of a disability discrimination attorney from our firm, you can take action against any employer who has mistreated you and acted illegally.

A Disability Discrimination Attorney in NYC That Enforces the ADA

A disability is any major physical or mental impairment that seriously impacts a life activity.  Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all employers are forbidden to discriminate against applicants or employees with disabilities protected under the Act.  This includes all aspects of employment, from hiring, to salary, benefits, promotions, and firing. Discriminating against a worker because of a disability is wrong and illegal.  If you feel that you have been subjected to this kind of treatment, you should not hesitate to contact a disability discrimination attorney.  NYC professionals can rely on our experience and knowledge to give them valuable counsel and representation in any disability discrimination claims and cases.

A Disability Discrimination Attorney NYC Workers Can Trust to Help

If you have been mistreated in any kind of employment relationship because of a disability, we can help you. For a free consultation call us at (646) 430-7930.  We urge our clients to contact us right away to speak with a caring, experienced disability discrimination attorney.  NYC workers have legal rights that protect them from mistreatment and discrimination, learn more about yours by contacting us today.