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FMLA Attorney NYC

FMLA Attorney NYCThe FMLA attorney NYC professionals can turn to for reliable representation is at our firm.  We are proud to provide the hard working people of NYC with legal counsel on all things regarding employment law.  The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that was put into place to protect workers from losing health benefits should they need to take an extended leave of absence due to family and/or medical conditions that need to be taken care of.  Under FMLA, NYC professionals are given the right to take leave from their employers should a child or spouse need full time care due to medical reasons, should a new born baby need to be cared for (including foster or adoption), and should they have health issues that make them unable to work. On this medical leave, the employer is still responsible for health care benefits.

Learn About Your Rights From a Knowledgeable FMLA Attorney in NYC

The FMLA has exceptions that exempt certain employers, but unfortunately, many employers simply just fail to acknowledge the Act, and leave employees that are eligible for coverage under FMLA out to dry.  If this has happened to you, you have a right to claim what is lawfully yours.  The FMLA attorney NYC workers can count on is waiting to hear from you at our firm.  We’re dedicated to solving our clients’ work related problems, and to upholding the laws that have been set it place to protect workers from unfair treatment.

Fight for Family and Health First With an Experienced FMLA Attorney in NYC

We understand that working hard and doing the right thing is important, but what about when family just needs to come first?  No matter what your job title is, or was, the health of you and your family is above all else.  That is the way U.S. law intends for it to be, and it is the way your employers should operate. If you’ve been denied FMLA benefits, you could be entitled to compensation.  For an FMLA attorney, NYC professionals should contact our dedicated legal team today.

Turn to a Helpful FMLA Attorney in NYC

If your employer is not exempt from the Family and Medical Leave Act, and has denied you rightful benefits, they have broken the law.  Stand up for your rights by contacting the professional team of employment lawyers at our firm.  Call us at (646) 430-7930 for a free consultation, and we will return your call within 24 hours.  The FMLA attorney NYC workers can turn to is only a phone call away.