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Wrongful Termination Attorney Brooklyn, NY

Wrongful Termination Attorney Brooklyn NYFor a wrongful termination attorney Brooklyn, NY professionals can turn to the experts at our firm.  We are a full service employment litigation firm that is dedicated to guiding our clients throughout the legal process of a variety of employment and employee issues.  If you believe you have been fired for a reason that is not lawful, you may have a case for wrongful termination.  We understand that being let go from a job for an unfair reason may not seem, or feel right, but there only a handful of conditions where wrongful termination comes into play.  Here at our firm, we understand the federal and state laws that protect both the employer and employee from wrongful termination allegations or occurrences.

The Wrongful Termination Attorney in Brooklyn, NY That’s On Your Side

When you contact us for representation in a wrongful termination case, we will take the time to evaluate the matters at hand, and present an actionable plan for next steps.  The wrongful termination attorney Brooklyn, NY residents and professionals can always turn to is on our legal team.  We are an ambitious, tech-savvy team of lawyers and employment litigation professionals who know how to represent both sides of a wrongful termination lawsuit.  This means that no matter what side you’re on, your wrongful termination lawyer will be able to anticipate the opposing side throughout the life of the case.

Proving Wrongful Termination in Brooklyn, NY

In New York State, all citizens with jobs are employed at will.  What this means is that your employer has a right to terminate you at any time for any reason.  However, you might have a wrongful termination case if your former employer let you go under any of the following conditions:

  • Discrimination and civil rights violations
  • Deprivation of benefits and wages
  • Violation of public policy
  • Breach of any written or verbal contract that implied good cause
  • A hostile work environment

When looking for counsel from a wrongful termination attorney, Brooklyn, NY professionals can trust the reliable advice and legal services provided by our firm.

Legal Action Against Wrongful Termination for Brooklyn, NY Employees

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated and have grounds for legal action, contact our attorneys right away.  Call our office at (646) 430-7930, and a knowledgeable attorney will get back to you within 24 business hours.  The wrongful termination attorney Brooklyn, NY professionals should contact is at our firm.