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Severance and the Workplace

  • Are you facing a potential termination of employment, or have already been terminated?
  • Is your employer trying to get you to sign a "severance agreement?"
  • Are you facing a complex severance package or severance agreement?
  • Whether you've signed, might sign, or being forced to sign... do yourself a favor: contact an attorney for a free assessment.

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More Information on Severance

The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis is a nationally recognized employment law firm in New York and New Jersey.
Fired?  Were you handed a severance agreement by your employer?   A severance package is a ticket to negotiate – your employer expects you to hire a lawyer and ask for more. 
If you have a severance package, you need an employment lawyer.  The only way to get “more” is to hire an employment lawyer.  

Good employment lawyers know how to get thousands more in severance.  Our employment lawyers specialize in severance negotiations!  

Call now for a FREE severance agreement consultation.  We offer a free severance agreement consultation to everyone who calls!

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Our employment lawyers only get paid if we get you more severance pay!  Employers are counting on you not knowing your rights.  So call and learn more!

Our results and satisfied clients speak for themselves.  Our employment lawyers take pride in excellent severance package results for satisfied clients.  

We only get paid if we get you more severance than you were offered up front.  And our lawyers are kind and trustworthy – we respect our clients like family.  Tell us your workplace problem and our New York employment lawyers will review your situation for free.

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We pride ourselves on backing clients with a sense of loyalty and purpose.

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One doesn’t encounter many truly decent people these days, and I consider myself to have been extremely lucky, even blessed, to have found Mr. Davis on the other end of the phone when I made that initial call. Our exchange made me feel better about humanity as a whole, and that’s not something one can say too often with any honesty in life.

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