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New Monopoly Game Tackles Gender Wage Gap: Women Paid More Than Men

September 14th, 2019 Victoria Breese

A new edition of Monopoly entitled “Ms. Monopoly” will pay female players more than men. The makers of the game are tackling the gender wage gap, which is the discrepancy between the average earnings of all men and women in the United States. As of 2019, women earn roughly 79 cents of every dollar that men earn in the United States. Ms. Monopoly is flipping this narrative, with the game’s box reading, “the first game where women make more than men.” The new game will also celebrate female inventors. Instead of investing in properties, as players traditionally did in Monopoly, players in Ms. Monopoly will invest in inventions and innovations created by women throughout history.

New Monopoly Rules Cause Controversy

Changing the Monopoly rules has stirred up controversy. In Ms. Monopoly, once female players pass “go” they collect $240 instead of the usual $200 that male players earn. This version of the game also rewards men for activities like attending a women’s rally, watching a female-led superhero movie, or writing an article about successful women entrepreneurs. Some have praised the makers of the game for creating a version of Monopoly that focuses on women’s issues. Others have criticized game makers. Elizabeth Magie originally first filed the patent for Monopoly over 100 years ago. However, she only earned roughly $500 for her invention. The game makers today still credit the game’s invention to Charles Darrow, who developed Magie’s idea and made a fortune off it. Many have criticized game makers for still crediting Darrow with the invention while simultaneously rolling out Ms. Monopoly. Other critics of the new game say that women have previously had no trouble winning Monopoly without a special advantage. They fear that female winners in Ms. Monopoly will be discredited because of the game’s new advantage for female players.   

How The Law Protects Women from the Gender Wage Gap

The Equal Pay Act, which was first passed in the 1960s, made it illegal to pay women less than men on the basis of sex. The Civil Rights Act similarly outlaws any other type of employment discrimination on the basis of sex. Many states have passed additional legislation on pay equality. For example, New York’s Equal Pay Act states that “no employee shall be paid at a lesser wage rate than an employee of the opposite sex in the same establishment for equal work on a job requiring equal skill, effort and responsibility, and performed under similar working conditions.” If your employer is paying you less because of your gender, an experienced employment attorney can help you recover your rightful wages. 

Seek Legal Assistance Today

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