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For Employers

An ounce of prevention will save you. So why is it that so many small and mid-market companies fail to plan for the day they are sued by their employees or fined heavily by the government?

The lawyers at our firm represent a broad range of employers seeking legal assistance in:

  • HR consulting;
  • Audits and investigations;
  • Pre-litigation settlement negotiations;
  • Litigation;
  • Trial.

Harmful, Litigious Employees

Even the best employer policies and practices will not prevent bogus legal action by unscrupulous employees — not those employees we represent as clients — looking for a stickup settlement. Litigious employees harm everyone; in addition to draining employers with unneeded legal defense costs, they saddle coworkers by unnecessarily burdening their time during litigation, and jam courts with frivolous lawsuits.

Providing Employers with Preventative and Winning Solutions

We know how to deal with those employees, and we will defend your company with all of the resources of our firm. Our advantage in representing you is the breadth of our experience, rare in this area of the law. Our attorneys are experts in representing honest employers and employees. We draw on our experience as employee-attorneys in our employer-representations all the time, and can spot a bad seed employee a mile away. As a result, our attorneys’ employer representations have generally resulted in not just strong results, but home runs.