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Big Wins

Wins for Employees

Big Voice. Big Wins. We pride ourselves on taking on larger opponents even when the odds are not in our favor. We have a simple plan for success – we invest in you.


  • Mid six-figure settlement on behalf of Muslim police officer for discrimination. The case was dismissed twice. We appealed and prevailed…twice. The average rate of success on federal appeals is approximately 10%.
  • $4.1 million class action settlement for IT support contractors. The case was dismissed, we appealed and won. Our lawyers won certification with novel arguments and settled on behalf of thousands of workers nationwide.
  • $3.75 million class action settlement on behalf of cable technicians. Class claims dismissed and refiled. A settlement class was later certified, and we settled for all members of the class.


  • $3.9 million class action settlement on behalf of financial advisors with brokerage firm.
  • $3.75 million class action settlement on behalf of thousands of call center workers.
  • Dozens of high-dollar settlements for unpaid overtime, unpaid commissions, and other wage violations on behalf of drivers, laborers, account representatives, sales representatives, and many other types of employees.
  • Seven figure settlement on behalf of victim of workplace sexual assault.
  • Confidential mid-six figure pregnancy discrimination settlement on behalf of the former Assistant General Counsel of a well-known hedge fund.
  • Confidential seven figure breach of contract settlement on behalf of a Managing Director of one of the world’s largest investment banks regarding nonpayment of a guaranteed bonus.

Wins for Employers

For our employer clients, defeating frivolous lawsuits and responsibly settling legitimate ones sends an important message to their workforce and avoids continued business distraction.


  • Represented a medical practice in a civil lawsuit in accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment by an employee. The suit was eventually settled and dismissed after the firm’s investigation revealed consensual behavior by the accuser.
  • Represented a large engineering firm and its CEO in a breach of contract and discrimination lawsuit brought by one of their terminated employees which settled quickly and on favorable terms for the business.
  • Represented a car service company, various restaurants, a dry-cleaning chain, and other small businesses in both litigation defense and drafting employment policies and handbooks.