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Litigation Defense

As employee attorneys, our firm knows how to spot an abusively-filed lawsuit. In fact, we take pride in our ability to identify the ‘bad apples’ in the mix. Employers often feel pressure to cave to these abusive lawsuits seeking recovery for imagined harms, but they end up paying a price for this attitude. Lawsuits multiply once word spreads that a business “settles easily”. As a result of this attitude, an entire cottage industry has been created on the heels of increasing numbers of abusive employment filings.

Our firm respects the rights of employers and their employees to be free of abusive suits. Our employer-side practice primarily focuses on defending small businesses, startups and mid-market companies against these suits, many of which suffer tremendous loss as a result, including filing for bankruptcy. For these employers, financial loss is not the only consequence of reckless lawsuits. Managers who have families must skip their days off to answer questions in a deposition under oath, careers are derailed by untruths, and other bad apples are emboldened to bring suit.

Injustice in the workplace can take many forms, and employees have no monopoly over suffering. Our employer-clients frequently want concrete, no-nonsense solutions to workplace lawsuits. Our attorneys will pursue the right solution for you, with all of our available resources.