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Queens Handyman Seeking a Quarter of a Million Dollars in New York Unpaid Wage Dispute

July 10th, 2017 Christopher Davis

The unfortunate problem of unpaid wages affects many New York workers today. This problem is one that a team of handymen from Queens decided they’ve had enough of. George Fan of K. Peng Realty Corp. is facing a New York unpaid wage dispute for nearly a quarter of a million dollars for refusal to pay wages to a father and son who worked for 35 years and six years without pay, respectively.

Father-Son Handyman Team Remained Unpaid for 35 Years

Victor Polanco was hired by George Fan in 2010 and fired in 2016. For those six years, Victor claims he was unpaid by Fan and is seeking $73,569.64 in wages. Victor’s father, Luis Polanco, claims that he remained unpaid by Fan for his work for a staggering 35 years and is seeking $213,250.77.

Fan has attempted to defend the company for not paying their employees fairly. He states that their compensation was living rent-free in the apartment complex and that their work was of poor quality. However, Fan’s clear admittance to not paying the handymen the proper wages as required by New York law does not help his defense. The case will be heard this month and a Queens judge will determine whether or not Fan and Peng Realty Corp. will be ordered to pay what is owed to the handymen.

Could the Queens Handymen Receive Half a Million Dollars or More?

According to the New York State Department of Labor, taking action to recover unpaid wages could result in the employer also being mandated to pay an additional fee of up to 100% of the claim in liquidated damages. This means that the court could potentially decide that the handymen be awarded double their unpaid wages, totaling a final award of over half a million dollars.

Do You Have a New York Unpaid Wage Claim?

If you were employed in the state of New York and your employer did not pay you at least minimum wage according to state law or did not pay you the amount agreed upon in your employment contract, you may have an unpaid wage claim.

At the Working Solutions Law Firm, we have significant experience working with clients who were paid unfairly in their jobs. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages for our clients. We can evaluate your case and help you recover the wages that you earned during your employment and are rightfully owed to you.

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