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Sexual Harassment and the New York Mets: Ryan Ellis

March 1st, 2021 Stephanie Jackson

On January 22, 2021, the New York Mets quietly dismissed their hitting performance coordinator, Ryan Ellis, due to sexual harassment allegations. Ellis’s dismissal followed the firing of Jared Porter, the general manager of the Mets, on January 19th because Porter admitted to sending inappropriate text messages to a reporter while working for the Cubs, as well as overall inappropriate behavior. The Mets sexual harassment saga continued when Mickey Calloway, the former manager of the Mets, was dismissed due to allegations from 5 different women.


Ellis was promoted from his minor league position last season after the former major league hitting coordinator, Chili Davis, opted out of the position because of coronavirus concerns. Ellis’s first accuser came forward in 2018, and her allegations ultimately “lacked the proof” to incriminate Ellis. Two other women came forward shortly afterwards, and Ellis was put on probation and attended mandatory counseling. The Athletic reported that the accusers detailed their interactions with Ellis, specifically citing inappropriate language such as, “I stare at your ass all the time” and that he desired “to put her up against a wall.The Mets claim that, only after firing Porter, new information about Ellis came to light. The NY Times talked to Rojas, the current manager of the Mets, who said, “It’s been disappointing. I’m sorry to see it from afar. When you see reports of this news, it’s upsetting.”

Why did it take so long for victims of Ryan Ellis to receive justice?

Even though each victim had enough evidence on her own, they failed to unite against Ryan Ellis. Since they did not prepare their claims fully and simultaneously, punishment in a timely manner was harder to obtain. When a sexual harassment claim is filed, the company usually performs an internal investigation. Too often these investigations are biased because the company wishes to save face. Biased investigations ultimately end with the perpetrator getting a slap on the wrist, especially if there’s not substantial evidence against the accused. 

So, how do you get a sexual harasser fired in a timely manner? 

First, once you are ready, you must find the courage and confidence to tell your story. Our firm knows that sexual harassment is difficult to talk about. People might even call you a liar, but you must have the will  to come forward, especially if you want to ensure that harassment is not continued or tolerated in your workplace.

Next, you should keep a journal. Write down absolutely any inappropriate behavior that could be used against the perpetrator. The journal should not be kept on your work computer. The journal should also include dates, times, and any other details that would make it difficult for someone else to twist the story. You should also take screenshots of any harassing interactions over social media, email, or other work communication channels to back up your claims. 

Finally, talk to other suspected victims and see if the harasser repeated the inappropriate behaviour towards anyone else. Like the Mets example, sexual harassers are seldom one-time offenders. There is strength in numbers. When you align yourself with other victims, the pool of evidence against the perpetrator becomes larger and more convincing.  

With the backing of your colleagues and the details from your journal, you will have the harasser backed into a corner. He or she might feel like the only way to get out of this corner unscathed is to lie, predicting it will be a “he said she said.” However, since you prepared for this challenging moment, you will have the evidence to catch him or her in that lie and see just punishment for such heinous behavior. 

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