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Working Solutions NYC Announces Updated Page on Wages and Overtime Attorney in New York and New Jersey

March 31st, 2022 Lee McDonald

New York, NY – March 31, 2022. Working Solutions NYC, a team of top-rated employment attorneys working on severance, FMLA, and unpaid wages issues in New York and New Jersey is proud to announce new content on unpaid wages and overtime issues.

Wages and Overtime Attorney in New York and New Jersey

“The working class experiences the most difficulties when it comes to unpaid wages and overtime,” explained Chris Q. Davis, managing partner at the law firm. “Our newly updated content takes a ‘question and answer’ format to help working-class people use the Internet to learn some of the basics on unpaid wages and overtime, and then to reach out to a New York or New Jersey employment lawyer for help.”

Persons who would like to read the newly updated content can visit The page has several new questions and answers on topics such as what to do if wages are not paid, can a person sue for unpaid wages, what happens if an employer is incorrectly calculating pay, and even how one might write a demand letter for unpaid wages. While not legal advice, the new content helps persons get the basics on the issues of unpaid wages and overtime. It then recommends that any interested person reach out for a no-obligation consultation with an employment lawyer, as only a trained employment lawyer can assess the facts and the law and then give advice as to the best course of action, if any. Another course of action is to read the law firm’s blog, which has many posts on key topics such as whether or not a person may have been “misclassified” as a strategy to underpay wages or reduce overtime at


Here is background on this release. First and foremost, working class people face a tough working environment in New York and New Jersey. Workers may be required to work long hours, yet not receive legally required overtime. Or, they may work and not get paid according to the requirements of the law. In any event, reaching out to an employment lawyer who understands the issues around unpaid wages and overtime is a good next step. Often, the worker only vaguely suspects that something is amiss. A trained employment lawyer can evaluate the facts and law and give sound advice on the next, reasonable course of action.


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