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Big Wins

Every workplace problem requires advice and action.  Sometimes confidential negotiation and settlement is the appropriate course.  However, if litigation is required to find your workplace solution, our attorneys are trained to take action on your behalf — and to win.

Wins for Employees

Recovering unpaid overtime wages, unpaid bonuses, emotional distress damages, and punitive damages on behalf of our employee clients who have been treated unfairly affords them some measure of financial relief during hard times, while sending an important message to their employers.

Mr. Davis and his team of best-in-class employment attorneys have recovered over $10 million on behalf of the employees they have represented, including:


  • $3.9 million class action settlement on behalf of Financial Advisors with a wirehouse brokerage firm;
  • $3.75 million class action settlement on behalf of thousands of call center workers.
  • $1.5 million class action settlement on behalf of hundreds of IT workers at one of the world’s largest investment banks;
  • More than 10 six figure class action settlements for IT employees, independent contractors, sales representatives, and others across the US for overtime pay and other wage violations.


  • Confidential seven figure settlement/severance package obtained on behalf of the former General Counsel of a large investment bank for unpaid bonus and age discrimination claims;
  • Confidential seven figure settlement/severance package obtained on behalf of  the Chief Financial Officer of a multinational corporation;
  • Confidential seven figure breach of contract settlement on behalf of a Managing Director of one of the world’s largest investment banks regarding nonpayment of a guaranteed bonus;
  • Confidential mid-six figure pregnancy discrimination settlement on behalf of the former Assistant General Counsel of a well-known hedge fund; and
  • Confidential six figure sexual harassment settlement, plus a salary increase and termination of the offender for a research scientist at a large biotechnology firm who opted to remain with the employer.

Wins for Employers

For our employer clients, defeating frivolous lawsuits and responsibly settling legitimate ones sends an important message to their workforce, and avoids continued business distraction.

  • Represented a medical practice in a civil lawsuit in accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment by an employee. The suit was eventually settled and dismissed following Mr. Davis’ investigation revealing consensual behavior by the accuser;
  • Represented a large engineering firm and its CEO in a breach of contract and discrimination lawsuit brought by one of their terminated employees which settled quickly and on favorable terms for the business;
  • Represented a car service company, various restaurants, a dry cleaning chain, and other small businesses in both litigation defense and drafting employment policies and handbooks.

A “Win” Differs for Every One of Our Clients

Solutions to workplace problems differs, and many of our potential clients simply want enough advice and consultation to comfortably move on without lawsuits and litigation.

Advice and consultation are no less satisfying outcomes for our firm, even if these consultations are free.   Our client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction, and every solution we pursue originates by asking, “What do you want out of this?  How would you define a “win”?  As a result, all of our wins are “big wins” because there are no small ones, only different client goals with different solutions.

With offices in New York City, NY, and New Jersey, our team of employment lawyers is ready to work with you either as an employee or employer. Each case is unique, so reach out today for a no obligation consultation. Of special interest are severance, unpaid wages and overtime, FMLA and other types of employment law disputes.