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Women In the Military Deserve Respect from Their Employer

April 12th, 2021 Christopher Davis

From the Mets to the NFL to the Metropolitan Opera, women have long experienced sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The military is yet another employer often faced with sexual assault and harassment allegations from female employees. Last month, we spotted a viral Tik Tok by Sgt. Dalina. In the video, she explains that she reported one of her military coworkers for sexual misconduct. The accused coworker was honorably discharged because he made a mistake, fell into temptation, but he could be a great leader”. As employment lawyers committed to fairness and women’s equality, The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis knows it is important to discuss the issues that continuously affect women in every workplace — including the military.

Remember, the Military is Indeed an Employer

The viral video highlighted the lack of support that women sometimes face in the workplace, especially when it comes to reporting sexual harassment. Dalina stated, “this is exactly why f—ing females in the military f—ing kill themselves. This is exactly why nobody f—ing takes it seriously.” Dalina’s story arrives on the heels of Vanessa Guillen’s death and alleged sexual assault. The military has been criticized for its apparent lack of sexual assault prevention. Nick Schfrin talked with four military victim advocates about the problems with reporting sexual assault in the military. In the interview, Marianne Bustin said that commanders often care more about their careers than the victim, and usually, the decision is left up to the commander when it comes to punishment for the perpetrator. Other victim advocates similarly argue that our armed services must do a better job of ensuring the safety and fair treatment of women in the military.

Why is Reporting Sexual Assault in the Military Different?

Sexual harassment in the military occurs too often. There are over 6,797 active-duty members who reported being a victim of sexual assault in the past year. This number does not include cases that go unreported every year. The court-martial process is different from a civilian lawsuit. If you are sexually assaulted in the military, guidelines recommend that you contact the sexual assault helpline offered by the branch in which you are serving. When calling this number, your report should be kept confidential. The phone operator should also inform you of restricted and unrestricted reporting options and provide resources and support.

Military Employment Lawyers

Regardless of the differences between the court-martial process and civilian court, women in the military should still have the right to counsel, the right to bring forward evidence and witnesses, and the right to appeal a decision or have it reviewed by an attorney.

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