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Unpaid Wage Attorney Brooklyn NYThe unpaid wage attorney Brooklyn, NY employees can turn to for superior legal counsel is at our firm.  We are a full-service employment litigation firm dedicated to providing legal service that meets the needs of all our clients.  We represent employees on an individual basis, as well as class action litigations in most employment matters.  We understand how frustrating it can be to find yourself in a situation where you have been denied rightful compensation for the work that you’ve done.  That’s why as a reliable unpaid wage attorney near Brooklyn, NY, we can be counted on to provide clear, understandable legal counsel and help to resolve your wage and hour claims quickly and fairly.

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In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects all employees.  This federal law sets the protection standards for workers and the wages they earn for hours worked.  Unfortunately, these laws are not always abided by, and many employees are left with unfair compensation. Brooklyn, NY residents can turn to our firm to help break down any confusion surrounding the federal and state laws that protect their rights.

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Whether you’re an employee who feels that you have been unfairly compensated or an employer who is on the other side of a wage and hour dispute, you can rely on an unpaid wage attorney from our firm. We understand that wage and hour laws can be confusing for both employer and employee, which is why we provide early action plans to help our clients have a better understanding of the claims they are making or facing.

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If you think your employer hasn’t paid you correctly, has miscalculated a bonus or due commission, improperly classified your status as an employee, or any other violation, turn to our legal team.  Don’t let your case go unattended to, call us right away at (646) 430-7930, and you will hear back from a dedicated attorney within 24 hours.  For an unpaid wage attorney Brooklyn, NY professionals can count on, contact the lawyers at our firm.